Exceptional Health Products is the nutritional supplement division of Liquid Assets, Inc. located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. For more than 35 years our principles have been selling high quality beneficial nutritional products, all of which are made in FDA and GMP compliant facilities. Our promise is to make sure our products adhere to the most stringent test procedures to ensure purity, potency and stability.

In addition to obtaining numerous patents and writing several nutritional books, our principals have owned or operated businesses in as many as seven countries, including a cancer treatment hospital in Mexico, a mineral mining operation in Utah, and several supplement manufacturing companies.

New advancements in capsule manufacturing make it possible to now offer our best formulas in kosher certified “Vegetable Cellulose Capsules” that dissolve in your stomach acid in about 10 minutes. Many people ask why we discontinued selling liquid supplements. The answer is simple; most vitamins and other nutrients in liquid form will diminish 20 to 50% within two to three months. Vitamin C in grape juice will constantly lose potency everyday due to oxidation. Alternatively, freeze-dried grape juice powder will retain nearly 100% of the nutrients and it will be as fresh and potent a year later when consumed with water or in a capsule. Not only will nutrients degrade in liquids but so will the color, taste and freshness. It is for these reasons we no longer sell liquid supplements. The benefit is that encapsulated powder ingredients stay fresh and potent for years if stored properly. Capsules generally have no bad taste or spillage problems, require no refrigeration, and are much easier to handle when traveling.

Exceptional Health Products
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